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Fishing Kayaks

Fishing kayaks are designed to be wide, stable platforms that allow you to fish comfortably and haul all the necessary gear with their increased carrying capacity over standard kayaks. When choosing a fishing kayak, think about where you plan to paddle the most as the hull design is typically indicative of the type of water the kayak will perform best in! Whether it is a sit-on-top, canoe-hybrid, or sit-inside, you can be sure that Get:Outdoors has the kayak for you!

Inflatable Life Jackets

Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) that contain co2 canisters that are either automatically triggered upon water entry or manually engaged to inflate the life jacket. This type of PFD is optimal for those who find traditional life jackets too bulky or restricting, and the waist belt style is perfect for SUP paddlers who want to avoid PFD tan lines or find that normal life jackets prohibit paddle board yoga!

Kayak Fishing Carts and Landing Gear

Take the pain out of getting your heavy fishing kayak from the truck to the launch with a cart or landing gear system! These are designed to easily strap to your kayak or remain conveniently attached to the rear for simple transport. Keep your back and the bottom of your kayak healthy and lose the need to ever drag your boat again.

Kayak Fishing Crates and Bags

The primary and essential form of kayak fishing storage is your crate! This is where you store all your tackle and large accessories along with your rods while fishing. The customization can be endless but the bottom line is that it's imperative to have exactly what you need oraganized and ready behind your seat!

Pedal Drive Kayaks

Propeller driven kayaks, offering hands-free propulsion for fishing, photography, exercise, and more. Shoulders sore from paddling? Set that paddle down and pedal your kayak just like you would a bicycle! A perfect choice for paddlers that need the freedom of their hands on water, want to go further faster, or those that need assistance when tired from paddling. Available in several models by Native Watercraft, Jackson Kayak, Wilderness Systems, and Blue Sky Boatworks.

Recreational Kayaks

Recreational kayaks cover a wide range of styles and design but their goal is the same, to simply get out and enjoy paddling! While some styles will favor stability, such as sit-on-top kayaks, others will lean more towards performance and the ease of paddling. Recreational kayaks make great starter kayaks as they tend to fall in the middle of scales of stability, tracking, capacity, weight, etc. If you're just looking to get out and have fun without a specific goal these are for you!

Stand Up Paddleboards (SUP)

Whether you want to stand up paddle for exercise, fun, surfing, or even racing we have boards for both the beginner and experienced alike! Recreational, hybrid and deluxe boards for any budget. Great for surf, flat water, or even rigged out for fishing, you'll be able to find the perfect stand up paddleboard and any accessories you might want to add.

Used Kayaks

When in season we offer FREE kayak demos and offer rentals so that customers can try out kayaks and SUP's before they purchase! Every September we sell off this Rental/Demo fleet and they remain for sale here!

Whitewater / Crossover Kayaks

Whitewater kayaks are designed to be river friendly and maneuverable.  They are able to resurface quickly and take on the challenges of the river.  "River-running" kayaks are going to be stable, and with the right hull design, can even surf in the waves.  "Creeking" style kayaks are going to be able to handle the large drops and handle extremely well in the tight spaces.  Whatever your preference of whitewater kayaking, we have what you need to get on the river!

Whitewater / Rescue Life Jackets

Whitewater and the more specialized Rescue Personal Flotation Devices (PFD) are sport specific vests that are entered by sliding the jacket over your head and their design allows for more freedom of movement in the shoulders. These PFD's are meant for the river where safety is paramount, and Rescue vests come with added features that allow trained and certified paddlers to aid in rescue situations.