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Congratulations on your new gear purchase!   How are you getting it home?

Kayak rack installation photo

Don't worry, the team of experts at Get:Outdoors can install all of the necessary components to carry your gear safely and securely.  

From roof racks to truck racks, J-cradles to SUP carriers, we've got you covered!


Auto Rack Installation Policy

We offer installations of base car & truck rack systems and accessories when purchased from Get:Outdoors. Most rack installations are free when 100% of the parts are purchased from the store.  Hourly rates will be applied to items purchased from other stores, disassembly of old racks, customization, etc.

Some installations take longer than others and occasionally unseen issues arise; please be patient with us during your installation.  We want to give you the best installation possible!


               1)    All car racks installations will only be done Monday - Friday between the hours of 10am - 12pm, and from 2pm - 5pm.

               2)    Scheduled appointments are recommended for base rack installations.  However, they are required for custom installations and for Thule Hullavator/Xsporter installations.

               3)    We have the right to refuse any installation, if we deem the install to be unsafe or inappropriate for the intended use.

               4)    Some old rack parts are not compatible with new rack parts.  If safety is an issue at any time, the car rack will not be installed.

               5)    We will not drill holes for the mounting of any hardware.

               6)    We reserve the right to waive any of the extra installation fees.


Rack Installation Fee Schedule

Installation of base rack systems and accessories from Thule, Yakima, and Malone are FREE with purchase!  Base Rack Systems include the following:

Thule - Traverse, Crossroad, Podium, Gutter, AeroBar

Yakima - Q-Tower, Railgrab, Control Tower, Gutter, BaseLine, TimberLine, SkyLine, Corebar, Jetstream

Malone - Universal Crossrail systems


Due to the extra time and work involved, there will be an additional fee with the installation of the following items:

               Thule Hullavator - $50.00

               Thule Xsporter - $100.00

               Previously used rack disassembly for using old bars or parts for new installs - $50.00

               Removing or modifying parts/accessories from vehicle to install rack systems - $50.00

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