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Load image into Gallery viewer, Fully Loaded SwitchBlade, CellBlok, and 10ah Battery Combo Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fully Loaded SwitchBlade, CellBlok, and 10ah Battery Combo Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fully Loaded SwitchBlade, CellBlok, and 10ah Battery Combo Kit
Load image into Gallery viewer, Fully Loaded SwitchBlade, CellBlok, and 10ah Battery Combo Kit

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Fully Loaded SwitchBlade, CellBlok, and 10ah Battery Combo Kit

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Our CellBlok system is the simplest solution on the market for attaching a fish finder to a kayak, and to make it even easier we now offer the CellBlok paired with our SwitchBlade Transducer Arm and 10ah lithium-ion battery kit. To complete the install all you need is a YakAttack fish finder mount compatible with your make and model of fish finder.

CellBlok Info:
Depthfinder installation on kayaks just got smarter. The YakAttack CellBlok is a track mounted battery box and its top surface serves as a mounting platform for the YakAttack SwitchBlade Transducer Arm and YakAttack fish finder mount. No more drilling holes in your kayak or routing wires! Simply loosen the two track mount knobs and the CellBlok allows you to quickly and easily attach or remove your depthfinder. A minimum of 10.5" of track is required to attach the CellBlok. This updated version of the CellBlok was new for fall 2020 and features an injection molded construction compared to the original model. The change in material has resulted in a 25% weight reduction (now 1.4 lbs) and we also increased the size of the cable wraps to accommodate the larger wires used in today's fish finders.

  • Exterior Dimensions - 10.25'' x 6.75'' x 3.50''

SwitchBlade Transducer Deployment Arm Info:
We knew it was time we developed a transducer deployment arm that is truly designed for the task, and the SwitchBlade Transducer Deployment Arm is exactly that. The SwitchBlade pairs perfectly with the CellBlok and family of YakAttack fish finder mounts. We designed the blade to minimize gurgle and resistance, making the SwitchBlade the most efficient transducer arm on the market. The patented arm folds up compactly. No more cumbersome, rigid arm to deal with. And for the angler that really wants to dial it in to fit their boat perfectly, we made the length of the arms customizable and can easily be cut to length to accommodate nearly any kayak on the market.
Unlike other transducer deployment arms of the past the new SwitchBlade Transducer Arm from YakAttack is focused on speed and adjustability. Featuring a hydrodynamic blade design the SwitchBlade causes less water turbulence resulting in a faster and less noisy over-the-side transducer mounting solution. Even when the SwitchBlade Transducer Arm is mounted on top of the YakAttack CellBlok the overall length reaches deep enough below the hull of your kayak for side imaging transducers to scan as designed. If you don't need the full length of the SwitchBlade simple remove the middle arm and now you have a customized solution. To deploy or retrieve the transducer arm the SwitchBlade features a unique tubular design and multi pivot allowing for easy articulation in and out of the water.
When mounted to the top of the CellBlok the base of the SwitchBlade serves as the mounting platform for any of our YakAttack fish finders mounts. When doing the install simply use the longer t-bolt included in the kit and then you are LockNLoad ready.
This system is compatible with YakAttack MightyMount’s, GearTrac, and most other factory installed kayak track systems and aftermarket track from Scotty Fishing Products, RAM Mounts, and YakGear. For FeelFree Kayaks, 3 Water Kayaks, and Jonny Boats you will need an adapter to be compatible. We offer the needed adapter in a single pack and a six pack.

  • Assembly required
  • Fish finder mount and GearTrac not included
  • Made in the USA
  • Made from premium materials designed for use in harsh marine environments
  • SwitchBlade overall length is 25.75"
  • U.S. Pat. No 7,971,839

10ah Lithium-Ion Battery Kit Info:

The YakAttack Pro Power Battery Kit is a water-resistant lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack that can be used to power your fish finder, LED lights, and more! This 12 volt rechargeable battery pack has a 10Ah capacity with open-ended connectors that can charge and power a variety of electronic devices. Durable, lightweight, and compact, this system is perfect for your next adventure.

For 2020, there were a number of updates to make it more durable, corrosion-resistant in saltwater applications, and easier to use. We added a gold plated coating to all of our connector pins to help reduce the build-up of corrosion in saltwater applications. Additionally, we shortened the DC cable length from 22" to 12" as the extra length wasn't needed and the shorter wire makes it more convenient. Finally, the Nocqua team developed a completely new charger for 2020, and we’re excited to share the details with you.

a) Reverse polarity protection. Combined with the alignment arrows, we added a layer of protection to the charger to indicate improper connection issues, while protecting the charger from potential damage.

b) Dual circuit board protection. The new circuit board protects against overcharging and monitoring how energy is transferred to each cell or to indicate if there's an issue.

c) The battery charge indicator offers a visual reference for charging status. 25% / 50% / 75% / 100%. The other great benefit is using the charger to test a battery level before use. Bonus feature! Connect the charger to the battery to display the current charge level, so you will always know where your battery charge is at prior to use.


12V 10Ah Lithium-Ion Battery wrapped in a ballistic nylon sleeve

110V Pro Charger with circuit board protection, overcharge protection, and battery level indicator

Universal Component Cable with waterproof connector and open leads (23" Long)

Heat Shrink Marine Grade Butt Connectors

6" heat shrink tubing

  • Powered by Nocqua Adventure Gear
  • Dimensions: 3.75" x 3.50" x 3"  
  • Battery weighs 1.4 lbs.
  • Water-resistant and rechargeable
  • Six-month warranty