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Get:Outdoors Blog

Kayak, Canoe, SUP, and paddling accessory reviews, trip reports, and more from Get:Outdoors.

  • Whitewater kayak camping

    For years I have done climbing trips that involved overnight camping- Mount Rainier, the Wind River Range, Colorado fourteeners and Chopicalqui in Peru. Later I discovered canoe camping was a great way to get my wife outdoors with me in a low-impact adventurous and fun way. Our first canoe camping...
  • Wilderness First Aid Class

    I have been spending more and more time kayaking and doing more and more challenging rivers.  As I have been more immersed in advanced kayaking I have heard of an increasing amount of injuries sustained by kayakers. Additionally, I was invited to participate on a 15 day kayaking trip in...
  • Popular Fishing Kayak Brands Compared

    Kayaking has long been a popular sport, but only recently have models like the Native Watercraft Ultimate become popular with the fishing community. They offer a flexibility that no other type of boat offers, and allow the fisherman to be as close to the water as possible without being in...
  • Top Kayaking Safety Tips

    Kayaking is becoming an increasingly popular water sport. If you are thinking of kayaking for the first time or taking regular paddling excursions, your top priority should be safety. Dangers and risks abound when you take to the water, but can be avoided with some simple safety measures and kayak...
  • Kayak Camping Trip on Section IV of the Chattooga River

    Kayak Camping Trip Chattooga River March 11- 12, 2017 In preparation for an upcoming Grand Canyon trip in the summer of 2017, a few of us decided to do a bit of a shakedown run. Even though we have raft support on the Grand Canyon trip, we thought it would...
  • Essential Kayaking Supplies to Buy for the Novice

    If you are buying a kayak for the first time, you probably have no idea what supplies you will need beyond the kayak itself and the right paddle. A good salesperson, one who loves to kayak like the ones at Get:Outdoors, can help you find the accessories you really need...
  • Best Physical Benefits of Kayaking

    There are few exercises in the world that offer as many physical health benefits and as much entertainment as kayaking. Whether you’re a long time enthusiast or a beginner just starting to learn the basics, this sport is quite enjoyable. It is one of the few sports in which you...
  • Jackson Kayaks Coosa HD: Could be the perfect river fishing kayak

    One of the neat things about having a major kayak retail shop near you is that they often offer kayak demos at local lakes through the warmer months where they bring out their demo fleet for the public to try out. The huge box retailers never offer demo days so...
  • River Confessional (The Importance of the Occasional Swim)

    Considering this has been a very dry summer and fall, 2016 has been a great year of paddling for me with lots of new rivers and personal first descents. As of late October, I have had 15 pfds. You can start to feel pretty good about yourself and be overconfident...
  • How to turn your mini van into a paddling/camping vehicle

    I bought a mini van recently and have spent the last few weekends converting into an excellent camping and kayaking vehicle. Time involved - 2 weekends. Materials all sourced at Lowes - 3/4 plywood sheet, 1 Dozen hinges, (8) 2" x 4"s 8 ft., roll of carpet, adhesive for carpet...

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